Battery Tester


Ground Fault Locator


DC Load Bank


Model information (customized model available upon your request):
Each model has its own discharge capability and cabinet size, please chose the right model based on your specific needs

Model Discharge Capability Main Unit Size Specification
LB24V-300A 24V, 0-300A 553mm×202mm×346mm PDF
LB24V-400A 24V, 0-400A 553mm×202mm×346mm PDF
LB24V-500A 24V, 0-500A 602mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB48V-100A 48V, 0-100A 401mm×177mm×273mm PDF
LB48V-150A 48V, 0-150A 401mm×177mm×273mm PDF
LB48V-300A 48V, 0-300A 552mm×225mm×425mm PDF
LB48V-400A 48V, 0-400A 552mm×225mm×425mm PDF
LB48V-500A 48V, 0-500A 732mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB125V-100A 125V, 0-100A 481mm×203mm×346mm PDF
LB125V-200A 125V, 0-200A 602mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB125V-300A 125V, 0-300A 602mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB125V-400A 125V, 0-400A 732mm×400mm×885mm PDF
LB220V-200A 220V, 0-200A 732mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB240V-150A 240V, 0-150A 732mm×400mm×885mm PDF
LB380V-50A 380V, 0-50A 552mm×225mm×425mm PDF
LB380V-100A 380V, 0-100A 732mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB480V-100A 480V, 0-100A 732mm×400mm×885mm PDF
LB24/36V-100A 24V, 0-100A and 36V, 0-100A 481mm×703mm×346mm PDF
LB24/36V-300A 24V, 0-300A and 36V, 0-300A 732mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB24/48V-200A 24V, 0-200A and 48V, 0-200A 552mm×225mm×425mm PDF
LB24/48V-300A 24V, 0-300A and 48V, 0-300A 552mm×225mm×425mm PDF
LB24/48V-600A 24V, 0-600A and 48V, 0-600A 732mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB24V-300A/48V-600A 24V, 0-300A and 48V, 0-600A 732mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB48/125V-100A 48V, 0-100A and 125V, 0-100A 553mm×203mm×346mm PDF
LB48/125V-200A 48V, 0-200A and 125V, 0-200A 732mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB48/125V-300A 48V, 0-300A and 125V, 0-300A 732mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB48/240V-100A 48V, 0-100A and 240V, 0-100A 732mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB125/240V-100A 125V, 0-100A and 240V, 0-100A 732mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB125/240V-150A 125V, 0-150A and 240V, 0-150A 732mm×400mm×885mm PDF
LB24/36/48V-300A 24/36/48V, 0-300A 732mm×400mm×675mm PDF

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