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Battery Date Viewer

Our Battery Date Viewer is an offline software to review the test and analyze data from our battery test equipment such as Battery Tester BT3915, Battery Load units LB3980 and Battery Charger & Discharger PITE3932T, it comes within the USB flash drive in your product package, you can also redownload it from our weblink

Battery Date Viewer2020-06-06T07:10:36+00:00

LB3980 Wireless Communication Channel Setting

Our Battery Load Units LB3980 communicate with its DAC ( if have DAC) via wireless WiFi, as all units use same wireless communication channel default, if you have two units with DAC work at the same place at the same time, it's rare happen, but if it's happen, you would need to switch the communication channel of some units in case the communication between main units and DAC intertwined

LB3980 Wireless Communication Channel Setting2020-05-20T06:21:54+00:00

LB3980 discharge voltage setting

The discharge voltage is set accordingly with the model of your battery load units, like LB48V-300A is set with discharge voltage 48V, normally all these have been set correctly and QC before delivery, customer no need to worry or do anything about it, in case you need to change or reset the discharge voltage somehow, the instruction bellow would be useful

LB3980 discharge voltage setting2020-05-20T06:00:17+00:00