Battery Load Units

Discharge testing batteries is the only verifiable method the capacity of your batteries. LB3980 DC Load Bank delivers a programmable, constant current load for your testing needs. Whether you are load testing for capacity, performance, acceptance or other, LB3980 provides you an economical complete package solution. Increase employee and battery system safety with PER CELL monitoring and standard built in auto-shutdown features. To suit a variety of industries and diverse applications, LB3980 offers over 60 standard models to fit your exact needs at the best price.

  • Small weight, compact, convenient for onsite test
  • It sets 4 conditions for discharge auto shut-down: Discharge time, discharge capacity, string voltage and cell voltage
  • Continued discharge available when previous discharge is stop abnormally
  • Parallel connection of two units for higher discharge current
  • Can work with other load banks for assistant discharge
  • Can monitor measurement of other load banks or battery charger
  • Accurate data measurement and vivid waveforms
  • Auto sorting for lag-out batteries during discharging
  • Safe circuits avoids damage to battery during measurement
  • Automatic protection upon over-heating and overload Thermal cut-off and automatic overload protection
  • Intelligent & powerful data viewer, capable of thousands battery data management. You can view your data & analyze on PC & phone and download report to excel anytime

DAC (Optional Accessories):

LB3980 DC Load Bank come with an optional DAC package allowing the voltage of EACH CELL to be wirelessly monitored and recorded during discharge. The DAC package allows the user to evaluate the health of each cell and replace only the cells that require replacement-saving time and money by significantly reducing labor hours and replacement cost. One DAC could monitor 12pcs 2v cells or 4 pcs 6v/12v cells, you only need to change the wiring

Model information (customized model available upon your request):
Each model has its own discharge capability and cabinet size, please chose the right model based on your specific needs

Model Discharge Capability Main Unit Size Specification
LB24V-300A 24V, 0-300A 553mm×202mm×346mm PDF
LB24V-400A 24V, 0-400A 553mm×202mm×346mm PDF
LB24V-500A 24V, 0-500A 602mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB48V-100A 48V, 0-100A 401mm×177mm×273mm PDF
LB48V-150A 48V, 0-150A 401mm×177mm×273mm PDF
LB48V-300A 48V, 0-300A 552mm×225mm×425mm PDF
LB48V-400A 48V, 0-400A 552mm×225mm×425mm PDF
LB48V-500A 48V, 0-500A 732mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB125V-100A 125V, 0-100A 481mm×203mm×346mm PDF
LB125V-200A 125V, 0-200A 602mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB125V-300A 125V, 0-300A 602mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB125V-400A 125V, 0-400A 732mm×400mm×885mm PDF
LB220V-200A 220V, 0-200A 732mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB240V-150A 240V, 0-150A 732mm×400mm×885mm PDF
LB380V-50A 380V, 0-50A 552mm×225mm×425mm PDF
LB380V-100A 380V, 0-100A 732mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB480V-100A 480V, 0-100A 732mm×400mm×885mm PDF
LB24/36V-100A 24V, 0-100A and 36V, 0-100A 481mm×703mm×346mm PDF
LB24/36V-300A 24V, 0-300A and 36V, 0-300A 732mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB24/48V-200A 24V, 0-200A and 48V, 0-200A 552mm×225mm×425mm PDF
LB24/48V-300A 24V, 0-300A and 48V, 0-300A 552mm×225mm×425mm PDF
LB24/48V-600A 24V, 0-600A and 48V, 0-600A 732mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB24V-300A/48V-600A 24V, 0-300A and 48V, 0-600A 732mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB48/125V-100A 48V, 0-100A and 125V, 0-100A 553mm×203mm×346mm PDF
LB48/125V-200A 48V, 0-200A and 125V, 0-200A 732mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB48/125V-300A 48V, 0-300A and 125V, 0-300A 732mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB48/240V-100A 48V, 0-100A and 240V, 0-100A 732mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB125/240V-100A 125V, 0-100A and 240V, 0-100A 732mm×400mm×675mm PDF
LB125/240V-150A 125V, 0-150A and 240V, 0-150A 732mm×400mm×885mm PDF
LB24/36/48V-300A 24/36/48V, 0-300A 732mm×400mm×675mm PDF

What are some common applications areas for this product?

Common applications include but are not limited to:

  • DC Generator Systems
  • DC Battery Systems
  • UPS Testing
  • Rectifiers
  • Power Supply
  • Power Converter Units
  • Standby Generators
  • Diesel and Gas Turbines
  • Micro-turbines
  • Wind Generators
  • Solar Arrays
  • Electrical Distribution Systems
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Other Electrical and DC Power Supply Testing

Does the LB3980 come with software?

Each LB3980 comes standard with Dataview software. This software allows us to live monitor, view test data, and export reports to Microsoft Excel

How is cell voltage monitoring accomplished?

The LB3980 utilizes DACs (data acquisition cases) to connect to each cell. The DAC includes a wiring harness that connects to the cells. Each DAC communicates back to the LB3980 load bank wirelessly.

What is the power requirement for the LB3980?

The exact power consumption of an LB3980 varies with model and discharge current, however expect the draw to be less than 9A at max current. A 15A circuit breaker is sufficient for power needs